March Clamness

March Clamness 2024!


Thank you to everyone who voted this year. Happy April!

March is tournament time! The real madness this year comes to you in the form of a clam dish tourney to decide once and for all the true champion. Welcome to March Clamness!

What does March Clamness entail?

Some years, lots of clam puns. This year, the ultimate clam preparation competition! Also, we'll send out discount codes for clams via our newsletter (sign up in our footer!) and are offering special clams for sale on our online store (hint, geoduck). 

How does this work?

We'll run polls in our Instagram story, starting with two matches a day. Round 1 begins Thursday 3/21. Round 2 begins Monday 3/25.

This is a single elimination, winner take all contest.

Granted, we don't really know what the winner will be taking. And voting will require more knee-jerk reaction than rational thought.

That said, we're poking the bear with some of these Round 1 lineups, and exposing some long held deep seated rivalries. If you'd like to do your own research, here's what the pundits are saying!

Round 1 Matchups, Explained

Manhatten vs New England Style Chowder - it's being called the most highly anticipated clam contest of the competition. Which chowder will prevail???  Allrecipes has a recap.

Geoduck ceviche vs raw clams on the half shell? We think this is game over - clearly geoduck ceviche is superior to a simple shucked raw clam. But we'll let the people vote nonetheless.

Clam dip hot or cold? This contest strikes straight to the heart of the matter - personal preference. The same dip recipe can often be served hot or cold. With no other information than what is presented here, which one would you choose?

Clam bake vs seafood boil? Ok this might actually get us in hot water, but according to us and this person, a clam bake involves cooking seafood in the sand, and a seafood boil is (duh) done in a pot. We don't know if folks will vote based on obvious simplicity (who has time to gather seaweed and dig a pit) or aspiration (wouldn't it be lovely to gather seaweed and dig a pit?)

Grilled clams vs Steamed clams. Did you know you can grill clams open over a fire, just like you might an oyster? And then pick them out of the shell and dip them in garlic butter, again, just like an oyster? If you didn't, you'll probably vote to reaffirm the superiority of steamed clams, with their myriad flavor options and succulent, moist texture.

Clam cakes vs Clam Pizza? Our money is on clam pizza, which seems to have a more committed following than clam cakes. What do we mean by clam cakes?? Think of a clam cake. Whatever first comes to mind is what we mean.

Clam linguine with red sauce vs white sauce - what gives? Shockingly, for starters, one has tomatoes and one doesn't.

Clams Casino vs Baked Clams? This one is a bit more obscure, but at least one person in the country feels strongly about it. They're both baked clam dishes that involve breadcrumbs and aromatics, but Clams Casino contains bacon and far fewer beadcrumbs than plain-jane baked clams, among other differences.

More Research Needed? Buy Clams!

And then cook them!

(Not all of these dishes qualified for the tournament this year unfortunately, but they're working on their game and will potentially make an appearance in 2025!)