July 12, 2010: unscenic sign

Farm work

Last week we received a certified letter from the Highway Department telling us that our tree cookie sign is illegal. Even though it's located on the same property as our store, it's too far from the store to satisfy the scenic byway highway requirements. To that we said boo. But after brainstorming several creative responses to the situation we decided the best bet was to just remove the offensive object. The sign, cut from a 400 year old Douglas fir tree, had been up since 2008. And, truth be told: the wood wasn't weathering very well. In its illegal and illicit location the sign had a lot of southern sun exposure, and now, two years later, it's starting to crack up. Read about its construction here. sign-small1

Terrible, just hideous.


In other news: our old barge is up and running. You can see it in the photo above, enjoying life back out on the water. So the earlier post ("Last Run of the HH Battleax") was a little misleading. The Battleax lives!

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  • Oyster Fan on

    I know! It’s in such a good location. We’ll come up with something, but it won’t be as good.

    boo, hoo!

  • Monica on

    I totally depend on that hideous sign to tell me when it’s time to start slowing and put a blinker on! I say boo, too!

  • Oyster Fan on

    It sounds like people are doing really well this year… Good luck and have a great time on the Canal!

  • Bruce on

    LOL…yes…you are right. Running low on the radar screen is usually the best.

    We are having new windows put in our house this coming Thursday and Friday so me and the dog will be heading out to Frenchman’s Cove Thursday for an overnight. Will toss out the crab pots….we have had a lot of crabbing activity in front of our place since the season opened. I have only been out once and only got one keeper.

    Take care

  • Oyster Fan on

    Thanks for the outrage Bruce! We appreciate it. Generally it makes things worse to irritate the people in control so we might need to take a raincheck on your offer. Hope you had a good weekend!

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