Apr 22, 2008: Quality Control. Somebody's gotta do it.

Farm work Oysters

The camera caught up with Adam and Louie wandering through the single oyster pens one blindingly-sunny day in late March. It was the first daylight low tide of the season.

Hello there!

Finding an oyster to sample wasn't terribly difficult.

Adam opens the oyster and eats it while Louie looks on in approval.

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    […] Louie recalls that in 1949 Quilcene Bay and Pleasant Harbor Bay froze solid… and that somebody even took a horse and sleigh out on the ice. We’re not asking for anything that spectacular, but we do hope to be ice skating by tomorrow on some of the area ponds. […]

  • Oyster Fan on

    Louie was there in case we broke anything.

  • Robin Lakenes on

    Nothing like a fresh raw oyster right off the beach!!!!!

    Next time have Louie do the work and let the boss supervise! Oh but Adam probably would not get an oyster….

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