Nov 6, 2008: Animals to Avoid

Tideflat Critters

...include the Lion's Mane Jellyfish. We found a dead one washed up on the beach a couple of nights ago.


 The Lion's Mane lives in the cold waters of the northern oceans. In the Arctic it can grow to tremendous size: the largest recorded Lion's Mane had tentacles 120 feet long... longer than a Blue Whale. The Lion's Mane's appearance is not deceptive: these guys can sting. We notice them most during shrimp season, when their tentacles occasionally get entangled with shrimp lines. It's really, really fun to get a splattering of Lion's Mane tentacles in your face as you tend the mechanical pot puller.

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  • Bruce on


    Yeah…we have had a few of these bad boys wash up in Frenchman’s Cove the past few weeks. I keep a healthy distance, dead or alive, and have learned the hard way when a kid not to touch a dead one and then rub your eyes.

    Sue and I spent this Saturday and Sunday in Seattle; our son, his girlfriend and their two dogs Wyatt & Remy had the cabin this weekend. We are taking next Friday off so we will be at the canal Thursday evening for a long weekend. We have had 2 sea otters playing in the cove lately and look forward to seeing them soon.

    There were still plenty of huckleberry last weekend. We picked some Saturday and had huckleberry pancakes and link sausage for Sunday breakfast.

    Sue has some pix of work beginning on our boathouse cabin…a little upgrade so the kids have have their space when we are at the main cabin. I will email those to you.

    Keep up the great posts!


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