Jan 5, 2009: Elk Tracks in the Snow

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An elk herd makes its living in the Hama Hama valley, and when the elk graze in the salt meadows near the highway they cause quite a traffic ruckus. But they've never before been seen around the seafood complex. Eagle-eyed Jesse noticed these elk tracks in the parking lot the other morning. We promise that we're working on our photography skills, and will remember to include something in future photos to give the viewer a sense of scale. In the meantime you'll have to make do with tire tracks (top photos) and fir needles (bottom photo) to get an idea how how big an elk footprint is. Rumor has it that the elk also made a visit to downtown Eldon. Probably on a garden raid.

elktrack31 elktrack2 elk-track1

The elk in question are Roosevelt Elk, here's a group of them feeding on the Hama Hama delta. Remember to slooowww down when driving across the estuary, as the elk do occasionally cross the road. (To get to the salt water.)

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