July 30, 2009: Things we ski with

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Yesterday was the hottest day in Washington State's recorded history, and we celebrated the 100 degree weather by water skiing. We don't ski very often, so we had to improvise our equipment: We used the farm's 16 foot Boston Whaler for a ski boat, and tied a broken axe handle to a rope to create a ski rope. Luckily, we have a couple of pairs of legitimate water skis left over from the 1980s. Everyone agreed that water skiing is refreshingly fun, easy enough to pick up after a decade-long haitus, and really hard on the lower back. A north wind picked up in the evening, bringing with it smoke from a couple of forest fires burning in the Olympic National Park above the Dosewallips and Duckabush rivers.  The only place anybody could stand to be was the beach. Check out Dr. Dale's webcam (link on right) to see a time lapse video of yesterday's sunset through the forest fire haze.

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