Mid October Saloon Report

Good morning! It's a grey morning on the canal, and it sure is cold! But we've got some beautiful oysters in the Saloon this weekend; Disco Hamas & Summerstones showing up grilled with chipotle butter & pimento cheese, and Sea Nymphs and Pickering Passages for the raw bar!
Other tasty items on the menu include a savory oyster bread pudding, our smoked salmon chowder, and a hearty (vegan) lentil soup.
It's supposed to rain a bit today, and clear up this weekend - but get COLD! So we're reminding everyone to stay warm and to enjoy some of our hot drinks... we've got cocoa, spiced apple cider, and mulled wine. We also are selling microfleece blankets... they're $10 dollars each and come with a free hama hama patch. (We usually provide blankets but because of the pandemic we're minimizing the number of items that get shared between customers and staff. We do provide burlap sacks to sit on, which we sanitize between uses.)
All of our reservations come with full cover (A-frame, tent, or cabana) & propane heat. We are continuing to add lights and other touches to the saloon space... we'll get a fire pit back in play soon. A truck full of autumn showed up on Thursday and we have been doused with pumpkins, gourds, and dried corn - come take your seasonal autumnal selfie in the waterfront space this afternoon - the team did a fantastic job of decorating! (And get some Halloween candy from the booth - no one is too old for a sugar rush.)
If you're in the market for some seafood to take home and cook: we'll have fresh coho salmon in the retail shop this weekend.
Wishing everyone good health and laughter this weekend; and to everyone heading to their days off - you made it, and you did such a great job!

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