Weekly Meal Planning, Vol. 1.

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Deciding what to cook for dinner day in, day out got you feeling creatively sapped? We can help! Our staff put together some of their favorite meal plans to help solve your dinner dilemma (and a few lunches, too).

First up: fried oysters & clam dinners.

You buy:

And you add on:

  • 2 crab cakes
  • a loaf of essential baking bread
  • lemon if you need one
  • fry kit when you buy the half gallon (this consists of breading, tartar, and hot sauce)

You'll need to have on hand:

  • oil for frying (rice bran works great)
  • vegetables for salads and general health
  • ingredients for the clam pasta dish of your choice
  • ingredients for oyster roll & oyster casserole (see below)
  • white wine / beer for steaming clams / surviving a pandemic

Total before shipping if you get small shucked oysters and manila clams, and all the add ons: $139.42. This is enough for 5 - 6 dinners for two people.

First meal: Crab Cakes. These are probably the most perishable item in the box, so it's good to eat them first. One cake per person plus a generous side salad is usually enough for a meal... but if you're hungry or if you love crab cakes, double up on this add-on to get two per person. Simply pan sear the cakes on both sides until they're golden brown, then pop them in a 350 degree oven until they're hot through (5-10 minutes). Serve with lemon and tartar.

Second Meal: Steamed Clams. Take about half the clams (or slightly more than half, since the next time you eat clams they'll be in a pasta dish) and make some simple steamed clams. Serve with bread for dipping. Check out this recipe for clam steaming inspiration.

Third Meal: Fried Oysters. A half gallon of smalls is 48 to 60 oysters. Yes, this is a ton of food, but don't worry: you'll get through this. Plan on 8 to 12 fried oysters per person. Fried oyster instructions here. Serve with lemon, tartar, and barnacle hot sauce from your fry kit.

Fourth Meal: Clam Pasta. You can follow a recipe, or just riff on what you have in the fridge. Check out our site for a clam pasta with cilantro and a clam pasta with chorizo & arugula, for starting points. Plan on 2 pounds of clams per pasta dish for two people.

Snack Option: Using clams in pasta is a great way to stretch them, so you might consider reserving a pound or so to use in a clam dip or a clam butter.

Once you've eaten the clams and crab cakes, there's no real hurry to consume the shucked oysters. They last about 2 weeks in your refrigerator AND they freeze beautifully. So if you've had enough shellfish to last you a week, pop the remaining shucked oysters in the freezer and defrost them as needed for the two final meal suggestions:

Fifth Meal: Oyster Casserole. You can make this whole dish with 12 to 15 of those "small" sized oysters. Don't skimp on the bacon... or the butter!

Sixth Meal: Oyster Rolls. These make a great lunch, or a light dinner. Simply poach the oysters in water, dress them in this mayonnaise-based dill and pickle dressing, and load them onto a toasted bun with some lettuce. Instructions here. We serve these oyster rolls in our saloon in the summer, and we've also taken them to lots of parties & events because they're so yummy and easy.




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