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We're a bunch of outdoor-loving oyster junkies in constant pursuit of excellence, looking for a few good hands. Come join us! You'll work in a silly sounding town and learn a ton about bivalves. We have open positions at our Oyster Saloon (in Lilliwaup) and Oyster Silo (in Chimacum). To get the conversation started, please email a resume and a little bit about yourself to info@hamahamaoysters.com. 

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  • David Siegmeister on

    Hi how’s it going my name is David. I am currently working as an oyster shucker and have been one for over 4 years. I am currently living in Fort Lauderdale FL and I am working at g&b oyster bar where we get hama hama oysters, and various east coast oysters and clams I really enjoy working in Fort Lauderdale at g&b. It’s one of the best oyster bars in all of South Florida but I am interested in traveling. On an average busy night or brunch i open anywhere from 500 to 700 oysters in one shift and sell over 40000 oysters a month. I also have worked at other places but the reason i like g&b so much is because they are consistent with quality. This is very important to me. I know i can shuck oysters and will keep shucking but i like to stand by my product and work. I was working for a place that pre shucked all their oysters for the weekend. They had me open 1200 bluepoints for the entire weekend. It took me 9 hours to open 12 boxes. Im contacting you because i plan on getting out of Florida and continue to keep shucking.

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