Recipes — Oysters

Banh Mi Oysters

banh mi oyster cutemeat oysters Recipes roasted oysters

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Oyster Bread Pudding

Oysters shucked oysters

We've gone round and round about whether we should ever use the words "oyster" and "pudding" in the same sentence. Fortunately this dish is so darn delicious it can unite even the most polarized team. And, oyster bread pudding has a long history even if it sounds novel to our modern "I only eat oysters on the half shell" selves. It's called a pudding (and not a stuffing or a casserole) because it's made of egg yolk and cream.

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How to freeze clams and oysters

clams freezing instructions how to oysters

Advice on cooking & freezing oysters and clams.

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Oyster Rolls

Adrienne Anderson oysters shucked oysters

Hood Canal's answer to the Atlantic lobster roll.

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Pimento Cheese Baked Oysters

grilled oysters Oysters

Our Oyster Saloon manager Shawn Mitchell moved to Lilliwaup from Tennessee, bringing some southern flavor with him and rocking our world.

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