Mar 27, 2008: A Million Little Oysters

Farm work Oysters

The stork recently dropped off a crate of oyster seed from a California hatchery. Here's a handful of them:
A Million Little Oysters in Hand
Jose and Cleo spent an afternoon putting the babies into grow-out bags:
Babies in Crates
putting oysters in grow out boxes
which will protect the seed from predators such as snails and crab.
The bags were strung together and then placed out on the beach. In 3 months, the oysters will be big enough to face life on the beach without the protection of the bags. And after another 2 years or so, the oysters will be big enough to hit the market as beautiful, and very single, oysters on the half-shell. Sound attractive? You can get hooked up with some over the internet right now, just go to our store site.
Liberio, cage string
Liberio, explaining how he's going to use a barge to drag the string of oyster boxes out onto the beach at high tide.

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