May 14, 2008: Polite ways to describe a geoduck:



1. "Like the leathery snout of an aardvark"

2. an "eye-catching," "monster . . . thing, of incredible longevity, with a certain . . . charisma."

3. a "homely" "behemoth of the beach"

Texture of neck when live:

4. "much like the skin of your elbow when your arm is straightened"


5. Like the lobster of the clam family.

6. Rich without being at all fishy. Fresh, crisp. Surprisingly delicious.

There's a lot of geoduck information out on the triple-W. Some of our favorites, which we quoted above (#1 and 2): this Seattle Times story, and a CDNN story, also via the Seattle Times, titled "Clam Scam II: The Great Geoduck Caper." It's as fun as it sounds. Also check out Wikipedia for the picture of the geoduck with the stupendously long neck.




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