Dec 4, 2008: Walls!

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First there was a flat spot:

Then, after lots of permitting and complicated plumbing work, there was another, harder flat spot:

And now we have a flat spot with walls! It's really exciting.

Here's our builder, Cory, looking happy it's not raining:

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  • Bruce on

    Hope to get over there sometime to see the new digs and a smoked oyster fix. It took us a while to realize that WSF opened crab season last month. This past weekend we got 15 big guys (much bigger than in the summer season) in our pots. Crab feed deluxe!

    Sure some pretty sunsets over the Olympics this past weekend…..looks like it is going to be more winterlike soon. Fortunately we have been cutting plenty of firewood and are all stocked up for a cold winter.

    Hope everyone at Hama Hama is well. Keep your observations and photos coming.


    PS: The latest issue of my motorcycle club magazine has my article where y’all get a mention. I will send you a copy.

  • Sorina on

    Hi I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it

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