Mar 5, 2009: New Building Looks All Grown Up

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We are very proud.

building building2

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  • Bruce on

    Wow…new building really coming along. Looks great. Our boathouse cabin project coming along nicely at Frenchman’s Cove. All the wiring and plumbing is in as well as the drywall and insulation. Exterior siding and interior paneling going in soon. Appliances ordered and fireplace being ordered this week. About 4 or 5 weeks until completion.

    We were there this weekend and enjoyed the mostly sunny conditions while it snowed in Tacoma. Our son got some oysters last weekend when he was there. We got too busy with projects and didn’t get some for ourselves this weekend. Perhaps next weekend.

    $3 a dozen for Hama Hama U-Pick. Great idea!

    Think Spring and Shrimping.


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