Mar 17, 2009: Misguided Container Ship

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Either the Port of Hoodsport has really amped up its shipping business, or this guy took a wrong turn coming down the Straits. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  • Bruce on

    I remembered this post. Tuesday afternoon I saw two big cargo ships heading down the canal your way. Unusual to see such large vessels these days on Hood Canal.

    BTW prior to cocktail hour on Tuesday, I went out and got a few oysters….here is what transpired afterwards:

    OysterFan Bloody Marys

    Cocktail glass
    1 Hood Canal shucked oyster
    Lemon slice squeezed
    Healthy dollop of horseradish
    1 pickled asparagus stalk
    Absolute as desired
    Bloody Mary mix of choice
    Fresh ground pepper

    Repeat as necessary.

    Nice weekend ahead; I am picking Sue up after work Friday, grabbing a phoned in Cloverleaf Pizza (sausage, mushroom and black olive…yum) and heading to Frenchmans’s Cove.

    BTW, I have hooked up with an internet based riding group. I am planning a day ride midweek up to the bridge before it closes and down 101. If I gave you advance notice would it be possible to stop in with a few riders and perhaps get a quick tour of the farm? That would be way cool. Here is the website for the group.

    I am finding that there are some retired folks like me and some folks with weekdays off that can ride. My weekends are pretty much up at Hood Canal so I am looking for midweek riding companions.



  • Bruce on

    Interesting. I read recently that the subs had to stay up toward Dabob Bay. Last fall we saw probably the same two cargo ships heading south past Hood Point. When they got somewhere north of Triton Cove State Park they executed a 180 turn in unison and headed back north; it really was cool to watch because the ships are big and the canal is not all that wide. We thought maybe it was container pilot in training or something. Occasionally Dr. Dale has a pix of sub he catches off his deck.

    Thanks for the tour help! I thought your place would be a fun stop along the way; I bet many folks have never seen an oyster outside of the Pike Place Market! And I sure miss not being close to the Pike Place Market like I was before I retired. It was only 3 blocks from my office. I would go there at lunch and pick up fish and veggies for dinner. I have not found as good an outlet in Tacoma for fresh fish.

    Back to cutting the grass. I love being retired!


  • Oyster Fan on

    Hi Bruce,
    Word on the street is that the big ships escort submarines. Subs aren’t allowed in the south end of the canal so these guys must be practicing. I’ve been meaning to do a follow up post about them.

    And yes, we can definitely arrange a tour for you guys! Just give us a call 888-877-5844 and let us know when you’ll be coming through.

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