June 18, 2013: Who's hiding in that cockle clam?


cockle oyster

This is one oyster that will never be hinge shucked. If you ever get a Hama Hama that's growing on a rock, or on another shell... or on a fake snake... you can be pretty sure it was hatched the old fashioned way. Here's an oyster that tried to hide in a moon snail shell, but then grew too big for its britches:


This cockle shell hitchhiker would have gotten huge... it was growing mighty fast!... but we've nabbed it for our retail shop's oyster shell curio collection.


The spawning season is rapidly approaching, so hopefully a few months from now we'll have oysters growing all over the place. Spawning season coincides with the swimming season. The Canal is the most wonderful place to swim because it's salty enough to give you a little buoyancy, but brackish enough so you can open your eyes underwater... and it's warm, frequently above 70 degrees. And it's quiet. We're not bragging here, just sharing the love.

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