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Mar 4, 2008: Introduction to the Moon Snail, part 1

Tideflat Critters

Lewis' Moon Snails (Euspira lewisii), the largest moon snails in the world, are named after Merriweather Lewis, who first saw them at the mouth of the Columbia River. Moon snails like low, sandy beaches. The big slimy appendage sticking out of the shell is exactly that: a mucous-covered foot. The snail uses the foot to glide through water, burrow in sand, or to immobilize clams as it feeds on them. Moon snails, like all snails, are gastropods. Below: the moon snail's least flattering angle. We've heard, but find it hard to believe, that moon snails are 'relished' in Norway. Hopefully...

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Mar 3, 2008: Photos Upriver and Down

News from Here

Here are some introductory photos. Most of these (all of the really good ones!) were taken by Paul Harper. This photo was taken just north of the shucking plant, looking up the Hamma Hamma River valley towards the Olympics. Seattleites may recognize the mountain in this picture... The Brothers is one of the most prominent Olympic Peaks as seen from the Pike Place Market area. In the shadows of the lower left corner in this photo you can see the southern bridge across the Hamma Hamma river. But in case your eyesight is bad, here's a closeup of one of...

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