Sep 16, 2008: Adios Amigo

Farm work

Fall intern Luke Reynolds has moved on to bigger and better places (namely, the fall tour with his band Pictures and Sound), and our first Luke-less Monday in several weeks felt kinda flat. During his three week tenure at Hama Hama, Luke planted baby oysters, worked on the barge, packed oysters, swept, shoveled, and generally got pretty filthy working out on the tideflats. Here's what he had to say about it:

1. A heightened perspective on sustainable farming practices specifically within the seafood shellfish industry and how they offer us a truly viable alternative to other "wild caught" species in the super market. How crazy is it that in America we can still order at restaurants dishes that depending where you are the countryand at what time of year, are on the endangered species list?
2. I've experienced within the work place first hand the language barrier and what it feels to be the minority, working amongst an incredible group of latinos and how it feels to be "spoken through" as if I weren't there at all. How it must feel to be a student transfering into a rural public highschool from another country made up primarily of caucasians as it was where I grew up in Vermont?
3. How much our culture has changed because of technology and how much information I've gathered straight through the internet these past years. Take that access away to this town where there is no high speed internet, one TV station (Fox) and suddenly it feels that the worlds news is going on without you, passing you by without blinking and without waiting.

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