Oyster Flavor is elusive and mysterious... even the tamest bivalve is still otherworldly. Every oyster is its own little critter, with a unique story and a flavor to match. So take our flavor descriptions with a few grains of salt, or maybe a squeeze of lemon, because ultimately the best way to improve your oyster palate is just to begin slurping. If you're looking for an overview, check out our guide to how to understand oyster flavor.

A little bit about sourcing: At Hama Hama we grow oysters ourselves, at our home farm along Hood Canal and at beaches we lease around the Puget Sound. And we also source oysters from small-scale family farms for resale to chefs and consumers across the country - we call these our "partner farms."

A little bit about naming: We give oysters different names based on species, and then based on how and where they were grown. By "how" we mean: was it tumbled or beach grown? The "where" is important to us because every growing location has a different flavor and a different harvest season... our fresh sheet changes week to week as we adjust our harvest schedules to match what's happening in the real world and try to catch each variety at peak quality.

map of the Hama Hama company farming sites


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