Mar 29, 2010: Foodportunity and Open Farm Photos


Last week was busy so we didn't have time to post. This week is slow and rainy so we're posting about last week. On Monday the 22nd we headed into Seattle to give out samples of smoked and pickled oysters to foodie folks at a networking event called Foodportunity. We brought along lots of wood to decorate the table and used the big oyster as a prop.


And, continuing to work backwards through last week... two days prior to Foodportunity was our first Open Farm Day of the season. The weather was beautiful but the sea cucumbers elusive. Here are some shots of happy foragers.


This guy walked out on the beach for 10 minutes and came back with a bushel of oyster clusters, for which he paid a scandalously low price. He felt pretty good about it.


Hunting for clams.


Boy Scouts: explorers of the flats and discoverers of numerous sea stars, innumerable hermit crab, and one unfortunate dead fish.

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