Oct 25, 2011: Barge Observations

Farm work

Today was a fantastic day for a barge ride.

When it's calm, you can really notice how clear the water is. The lack of algae makes Hood Canal  a relatively lean place to grow shellfish... but that's o.k. because growing slow helps with oyster deliciousness, giving them a clean yet complex flavor.

The beach crew picks oyster clusters for shucking into the metal tubs. Single oysters are picked by size into 10, 5, or 3 dozen color-coordinated bags. Barge operators dunk the slings several times to wash away mud and any hitchhikers, but still hermit crabs, sculpin, and shore crab come up with the oysters and need to be swept back to sea. For some reason the fall colors are amazing this year. If you're anywhere in Western Washington, you should take time to drive somewhere maple-y this week.

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  • bruce on

    Was up at Frenchmans Cove Monday and spent the night. I went out on the porch several times last night…it was crisp and cold like a Delicious apple….and stars were bright. Great sunrise….the trees on your side are colorful and I saw several lights way way up on the upper foothills from the latest clearcut above the Duckabush. There were some commercial fishing boats out along with some netters. One of Nathan’s boats came and collected sacks what must be the last of the oysters they are harvesting I believe October is my fav month at HC

  • Oyster Fan on

    I agree, and it’s definitely true this year.

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